Concerned about Gas Safety?

The use of Gas in your home or place or work can be a great boost to your lifestyle and a major contributor to production. Correctly installed and maintained it is as 'safe as houses'.

However if you have any concerns or you smell gas, - everything you need to know is here:

Be prepared and check it out NOW!



Similar to smoke detectors, Gas Detectors monitor your environment for the presence of flammable Natural Gas or LP Gas, or even noxious Carbon Monoxide (CO).

If activated they provide audible and visual alarms to alert occupants of the hazard, and some can even turn off the gas supply automatically!

There are different versions for Natural Gas and LP Gas or CO; even some dual gas and CO units!

click below for datasheets

BEAGLE.pdf                                                                      Beagle_Gas_Detector.png

RGD_Natural_Gas_leakage_detector.pdf                         CO_Detector.png

RGD_COK_MP1.pdf                                                        CO_Detector.png


Want to know how much LPG is left in your cylinder or tank?

For cylinders - the handheld LevelPen from GasLock is ideal.

For tanks - The ultrasonic sensor from Rototherm can provide accuracy of better than 1% and it may even work with your existing telemetry, or a full system can be designed.

GasLevel_Pen_Datasheet.pdf                         GasLevel_Pen.png

VesselCheck_ST1_AD.pdf                             VesselCheck_Ultrasonic.png